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IL-Bloomington-Buddy Walk-For Downs Syndrome-OCT 1, 2005

Postby TKvanB » Mon Oct 03, 2005 5:09 pm

Event: Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization's 1st annual Buddy Walk


National Buddy Walk site:

Date: Saturday October 1, 2005

Place: Tipton Park North - Bloomington, IL

MWG Coordinator/Point of Contact: Jeremy Wilcox

Midwest Garrison members and friends who participated:
Jeremy Wilcox - TK7503
Steven Crouch - TB1181 (rode to event in armor on motorcycle)
Mark Berry - BH4265
Belinda Montag - handler and imperial photographer

Event planning thread: Bloomington, IL - Buddy Walk-For Downs Syndrome

Pictures located at:

TK7503 pics

Summary write up:

On Saturday, October 1st, 2005 members of the Midwest Garrison's Imperial Walkers participated in Central Illinois Down Syndrome Organization's 1st annual Buddy Walk. We arrived round 8am and registered our team. Lots of children and adults were excited to see us and began taking pictures. The organizers were hoping to have 200 participants, but they ended up having 350+. The parking lot filled quickly and many participants had to park on the street and nearby vacant lots. The weather was perfect for the one mile walk around the park. A three mile walk option was available but we chose to keep it simple. While we were not able to raise a lot of money we did raise a lot of spirits and got a lot of smiles. Near the end of the event the coordinators thanked the "stormtroopers" for participating.

Jeremy Wilcox
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