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IL-Ravinia-CSO performs Star Wars Music-Aug 14, 2005

Postby TKvanB » Mon Aug 22, 2005 8:23 am

Name of Event: Chicago Symphony Orchestra performs Star Wars Music directed by Erich Kunzel narrated by Daniel Logan

Ravinia Site: Kunzel's Star Wars

Date: Sunday August 14, 2005


Ravinia Park
200 Ravinia Park Road
Highland Park, IL 60035

MWG Coordinator/Point of Contact: Kathy van Beuningen

Ravinia Festival Point of Contact: Adriana Avila, Special Projects Coordinator

Midwest Garrison members and friends who participated:

Kathy van Beuningen - TK9989 - stormtrooper
Quincy Newkirk - ANH Leia
Dan Giese - TK6254 - stormtrooper
Dana Gasser - TD3262 - sandtrooper
Arturo Delgado - BH412 - Jango Fett
Michelle - Jaina Solo
Jose Salcedo - TK2182 - Boba Fett
Chris Schwarz - TB9442 - JEDI
Christine Schwarz - photographer
Katlyn Schwarz - Clone youth
Joseph Flores - TI1296 - TIE pilot
Jim Tampa - TB1020 – Bikerscout
Rich Markel - TK1781 - Darth Vader
Kevin Robinson - TK1180 - stormtrooper
Javier Esqueda - TK265 - stormtrooper
Phyllis Schulte - ID1951 - Jedi
Chris Spice - TD7306 - sandtrooper

Link to event Information:

IL-RAVINIA - CSO Star Wars concert - AUG. 14

Pictures located at:

Dana Gasser's pictures: ... rt_order=0

Christine's pictures: ... /my_photos

Chris Spice's excellent story with more pictures:

Summary write up:

On Sunday, August 14th, 2005 Star Wars costumed members of the Midwest Garrison provided Star Wars ambiance, atmosphere, meet & greet, photo ops, a stage escort duty for Daniel Logan, fun, dancing and more!

Our members arrived on the scene as the gates were opening to the public. Ravinia allowed us the use of a room directly behind the stage.
The majority of our costumed participants were stationed towards the side of the grounds near the corporate-sponsored tents.

Katlyn Schwarz surprized Daniel Logan by appearing as the 'littlest clone' in her cute blue Kamino Clone uniform made by her mother Christine Schwarz.

TK1180 and myself were stationed at the front gates posing for numerous pictures then encouraging the guests to "Move Along" to meet the rest of the group inside the park. Our group of Fetts strolled the grounds meeting and greeting the patrons and posing for snapshots. Maestro Kunzel employed several Imperial stormtroopers as his signing tent prior to the performance.

The costumed members marched in front of the stage at the introduction then both Jango and Boba Fett escorted Mr. Logan on stage to the thunderous applause of the crowds!

Kevin Robinson TK1180 and myself were recruited to walk the park with "Please be quite during the performance signs" once the music began. It seemed to me that the efforts of my "Imperial Shushing" cause more commotion when the concert patrons kept running up to me to pose for quick snapshots all over the grounds.

During the intermission we were out on the lawn once more. The Imperial March was the first piece played during the second half of the performance. Lord Vader with his glowing red saber and a couple stormtroopers marched through the audience while the
Chicago Symphony played "our song". The Dark Lord of the Sith timed his rounds of the audience perfectly to end up exactly in front of the stage as the last notes of the piece were played.

All of the costumed participants returned ON STAGE for the symphony's encore performance of the "Cantina Band" music where we danced directly on the stage with Daniel Logan leading the steps.

The staff of Ravinia, especially Adriana and the stage manager were so very accommodating and helpful. Maestro Kunzel, Daniel Logan and the members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra were so gracious and appreciative of our presence.

All in all, this was one of the most fun events in the Midwest Garrison's history.

Thank you all!

Kathy van Beuningen
Midwest Garrison CO


Arturo Delgado - (BH412 - Jango Fett) and Jose Salcedo - (BH2182 - Boba Fett) pose with Daniel Logan prior to his entrance on stage (Photo by Michelle Boeving)


Arturo Delgado - (BH412 - Jango Fett), Jose Salcedo - (BH2182 - Boba Fett) and Dana Gasser - (TD3262 - sandtrooper) pose with a "new clone". (Photo by Michelle Boeving)
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Postby TKvanB » Fri Jul 14, 2006 12:06 am

Here's a nice little mention of this event that appeared in the Star Wars Insider, Issue #85(Jan-Feb 2006)

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Postby psykojedi7956 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 10:05 am

I remember seeing this in the Insider and thinking "where is the rest of Kathy's quote since it ends "Kathy van Beuningen, Midwest Garri-" and then is cut off by the picture from Guadalajara. :lol:

BTW, you guys looked like fools on stage during your little dance set (but I would have KILLED to be up there with you). Jen and I were in the pavillion, about center stage, to see the show.
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Postby Darth Spice » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:31 pm

you guys looked like fools on stage during your little dance set

That is because you had to really watch it up there with the helmet and all, OH wait you wouldn't know anything about all that! 8)
Darth Spice
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