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IL-CHICAGO-"Revenge of the Sith" booksigning–4/11/

Postby TKvanB » Tue Jul 26, 2005 10:14 pm

Name of Event: "Revenge of the Sith" Matthew Stover booksigning

Date: MONDAY April 11, 2005

Border's Book Seller
150 N. State St.
Chicago, IL 60601

Coordinator/Point of Contact: Kathy van Beuningen

Midwest Garrison members and friends who participated:

Kathy van Beuningen - TK9989 - stormtrooper
Phyllis Schulte - ID1951 - Imperial Officer
Tom Schaefer - TK118 - stormtrooper
Dan Giese - TK6254 stormtrooper
Mike Washko - TK895 stormtrooper
Eric Slayzak - TK1510 stormtrooper
Orlando Ledezma - TC2215 clone pilot
Bob Merritt - SL549 Darth Vader
Lionel Botarri - ANH Obi Wan Kenobi
Gina Martino - ID6216 Jedi Knight
Joe Elflayer - TK3760 stormtrooper

Pictures located at:


Summary write up:

Mr. Stover arrived about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the event (12:30pm). We provided him with an escort to the event area. He spoke for about 1/2 hour: reading the preface of the book and taking some questions from the audience. Then everyone lined up to get their books signed. He was very nice and spoke with everyone. We took a few pictures with Mr. Stover. Then the Chicago Sun-Times reporter interveiwed him quickly before he had to leave to catch his flight.

We got to the store between 9 & 10am. Some of us arrived in costume taking the "L" train. Some of us changed inside the store. We wandered around the immediate area outside the store. Wandering with in one block in any direction around Borders. PLENTY of people stopped to take pictures and talk to us. Borders printed up some event fliers that 'we' (Phyllis Schulte ID1951) was so nice to pass out to all who were interested.

Also, this was the first time in so long that we have actually had comfortable temperatures for trooping. It was a funtastic day!

You guys were the life of the party. I'll remember you long after memories of Matt Stover fade, though he was cool too. Thanks for all the help!

Marc Moder
District Marketing Manager of Events

Kathy van Beuningen
Midwest Garrison CO
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