IN-Schererville-Dreamtime Collectables 12/15 & 12/16

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IN-Schererville-Dreamtime Collectables 12/15 & 12/16

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OK Mission report time.

Saturday.....Those who attended where

Rudy Grasha BH3620,Boba Fett
Joseph Macudzinski TS 4071,Snowtrooper
Dan Powers TS 280,Snowtrooper

I made it there,after trooping the morning at MSI, and just started suiting up and my wife called me on my cell and informed me that our water heater had sprung a leak,and I had to head home....I did have a few minutes to get to chat with Rudy,and Boba Matt,(Future member from northwest Indiana that is working on a Boba Fett) and get my picture taken with Rudy....and a quick chat with Tom Sullivan...What a great guy!!!!However I had to leave and looks like I missed a fun troop...with Dan and Joe having fun in the snow.Sorry I missed you guys.

Sunday I made it out along with Phyllis.In her hoth rebel gear,we had a fun troop....and I was very excited when a little autistic boy named "LUKE" showed up with his mom,"Leia"...This was the same little boy that we met at the stamp release in Merrillville....It's this kind of excitment to see us that make this all worth while.His mother told us at the post office that he was very shy until he met us...he actually shook our hands....I understand most autstic children dont like to be touched....this really does my heart good to know we have this type of effect on the kids........

Later we got to talk more to Tom again and he was great.

Sunday those who attended where.

Rich Markle SL1781,Darth Vader
Phyllis Schulte ID/TK 1951...........Rebel..........

Here is a link to my Pics ... time%2007/

Rudys Pics ... inator=top

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