MI-America's Thanksgiving Parade-a trooper's perspective

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MI-America's Thanksgiving Parade-a trooper's perspective

Post by Humper »

Mission: Thanksgiving Day Parade
Location: Sector Delta-oh-one-seven, Earth: Detroit, Michigan

Ok, first off, I want to talk to the Duty officer, why in the world would you assign myself and several other Tatooine Veterans to such a cold place?! Sure there was that one incident with the dancer from Mos Eisley, buy how long do I have to be punished for that?

We started the mission off very early in the morning. I am still getting used to the cease fire between the Imperials and the Rebels. Truth be told, after going on several missions with them, they are a likeable group. If only they would get their heads on straight and realize the Emperor wants nothing but peace in the galaxy. That being said, the Jedi still creep me out. Moving things with your mind is just not natural.

What a surprise we were in for when Lord Vader himself joined us for this mission. It put several of us on edge, wondering if an assassin would try to make a name for himself. But besides the personal guard Lord Vader had brought, he also hired three very well known bounty hunters, Jaster Mereel, Boba Fett and Jango Fett. I can only speculate that they were there to help protect the Sith Lord.

Lord Vader had, what I can only assume to be, an apprentice with him by the name of Darth Maul. He was a rather angry looking Zabrak, but that is a bit redundant to say, since all Zabraks tend to look rather angry.

Several troopers were there besides just us Tatooine Vets, as well as some clones from the days of the Old Republic. Let me tell you, they were pretty spry for a bunch of old guys. Oh, on a personal note, dont call their kamas 'skirts' it tends to upset them. Lord Vader had arrived with his wingmen, and a foraward recon scout. Those TIE pilots are some brave (or crazy) souls. I fight in armor, they fly those ships around without any shields! But the fact that these two were here with Lord Vander had to mean that they were aces.

The rebel contingent that was there would have made for an interesting battle, if not for the truce. Several Jedi were there, as well as Senator Leia Organa. She had her own ace pilot that came with her, simply called Red 6. He looked very familiar, like an officer that I had served under in the Empire. Perhaps they were brothers. It was a bit difficult for the other troopers and myself to hold fire when we saw Luke Skywalker. He is #1 on the Imperial Wanted list. But with Lord Vader there, we obeyed the cease fire. (*sigh*)

Somehow, some Tusken Raiders ahd made the trip here. Now I know I was cold, but I have to assume that the native of Tatooine were freezing. Bigger question is, did they stow away on an Imperial ship, or did they ride in with the Rebels? I will have to make this known to the security officer at the Imperial docks on Tatooine.

The day started very cold. (Again, I loved my tour on Tatooine. I was warm and happy) But it was obvious that everyone there was not enjoying the weather. (Again, Duty officer, why didnt you send some Hoth Troopers here?) Rather than everyone complain about the weather, the group did what they could to stay warm. Hudled in groups to stay warm, trying to stay out of the wind, spirits were generally up. Then the officers called drill. Ugh. Out into the cold wind we went. Having preformed drill to their, and Lord Vader's, satisfaction, we were allowed to mingle with the locals.

To keep warm, several of us joined in with some locals who were preforming an apparent ritual dance. The locals seemed to enjoy our participation, and the constant moving kept us warm.

At last, we began our march. We carried a rebel prisoner who was frozen in carbonite. Let me restate that. The TKs carried the rebel prisoner. Everyone else march proudly, showing off to the locals that we truly are the Empire's finest.

Several locals were there helping troopers and creating historical documents. They proved to be invaluable, helping more than one trooper who had issues with his uniform. The large crowd of locals seemed to be in awe of our presence. Many knew who Lord Vader was, and kept shouting his name. Those of us marching tried to stay in tight, regimental formation, but had some issues hearing the officers with the noise of the crowd. I do not think anyone expected such a loud welcome. The fact that the repulsor lifts for the carbonite block failed made it a long journey for the TKs that carried him. However, training took over and we soldiered on and made a grand impression to the people there and the people watching on their holo vids, or as they call them here, televisions.

Grand feasts were held everywhere in honor of this local holiday. Lord Vader gave all troopers there leave to join in on the local festivities. It was a truly successful mission for all those involved.

This is TD-1703 signing off.

(Seriously, how was I to know that the dancer in Mos Eisley was a senators daughter?)

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Post by TKvanB »

:lol: I love it!
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Post by kibosh »

You guys looked great. My 5 yo son was blown away when he saw "Star Wars guys" in the parade right behind Clifford.

Well done!

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