MI-BirchRun-Xcape Con 1, November 2-3, 2007

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MI-BirchRun-Xcape Con 1, November 2-3, 2007

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SL2280 wrote:Overall I would have to say it was a good event. Brian the Xcape Con director Loved haveing us out there and wants us to be back next yr. Next yr they hope to have a bigger turn out, more dealers and a few more C list celebs :lol:

Friday- Myself and Diana got there at about 9:15am and met up with Brian and he showed us our space. We had 2 8 foot tables and a corner to work with. The place ment of our booth was looking out over the balcony. The Birch run commerce office was right next to us so we could not use the full potential of the area till the next day. Corbin (it was nice to meet you) came in around 10am to help with the final set up and place ment of the tables. He also brought some nice lightsabers to put on display at the booth. Diana and Corbin got in armor that day. I stayed at the booth.

Saturday- We were told the doors open at 930 Well....They did at around 10:15 :( We had a bit more space to use since the Commerce officer was closed. So blocking the officer was not a prob :thumbs:
We were able to set up the back drop and use booth 8 foot tables that day. Around 10:45 the rest of the 501st crew started showing up. (Thank you Jaster & Carolyn for bring'n up some more table stuff :cheers: )
And Shawn had his clone bucket for table display also.
The 501st was a big hit. Brian loved to see IMPs walk aroudn the con all day. He told me he would here guests make coments about how cool it was that we were there. We started takeing down the booth at around 6:45 and headed off to eat at Tony's :drool: :huh: :whatthe: :sick: :fallsoverdead: MEAT SWEATS

This was all Carolyns food. (it was all 1/2 portionos) 1lb of Baccon, a 1/2 a loaf of bread that was made into French toast and about 1lb of the most wonderfull greasey @ss hash browns you ever did see) She ate every last drop. We were so proud of her. That baby Jaster barley choked down his MUG of beef gravy and what looked to be 2lbs of wet Sh1t. Poor Ripcode got a bad case of Meat Sweats when he ate a Rubin that had about 1lb of corned beef + what ever the hell else they stick on that thing.
A rubin....To me... smells like if you would have put a piece of ham in your sock and ran about 26miles and then took it our and gave it a big wif :sick:

Thank you all for showign up to what was my first "big" event that I had to run. And thanks to the Ripcode kids for all the NCS help :thumbs:

501st Troopers At the 1st ever Xcape Con.

Rob Brang 2280
Diana Furget 8220
Carolyn Brown 6156
Chris (Jaster) Brown 3829
Kelli Hepler 9237
Mike Karp 9296
Jerry Russell (1st event) 9317
Martin Pondell 5750
Shawn Payne 2996
Joe (Corbin) Muniz 960


Courtney Karp
Nathan Karp (Death Star Construction crew)

Rebel Legion

Rob The Jedi(I will put your last name when I find it again, i did not want to spell it wrong so I wrote all this to explain myself)

Thanks again and hope to see you all next yr at Xcape Con 2

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