WI-Waukesha-November 18-Waukesha Holiday Parade

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WI-Waukesha-November 18-Waukesha Holiday Parade

Post by JediRacer8 »

On November 18, 2007, members of the Midwest Garrison were joined by our friends in the Rebel Legion and R2 Builders for the Waukesha Holiday Parade in Waukesha, WI. The frigid weather didn’t prevent us from putting on a good show for the people of Waukesha.

Joining us were our sponsors from Neptune Comics, Craig and Lisa Lopacinski. Craig suited up as Chewbacca to partake in the costuming fun. Several friends of Craig and Lisa dressed up as Jedi to help pass out candy and comics to children along the parade route. Their younglings assisted as miniature Padawans, Jawas, mini-Vader, and even a little R2. Brian Hagerstrand, who constructed the float for Neptune Comics, also joined us in his Jedi gear. A few of the Jedi costumers expressed interest in joining our friends in the Rebel Legion so that they can do this more frequently.

Also joining us for their first troop were new members John Quirk (TK-5122) and Frank Wileman (TK-9156). John and Frank traveled all the way from Stevens Point to join us for this event. Welcome aboard and we look forward to trooping with you more often!

New applicants Kevin (TK) and Chris (Vader) also joined us once again. Thanks again for coming out and we look forward to you getting your TK and SL designations soon! You both have an impressive number of events under your belt already.

I’ll add a link for pictures when those are available. I know some of our members had cameras, and Neptune had a few friends with cameras as well.


Dan Patterson 787 - TK
Phil Zeman 2720 - Clonetrooper
Trent Thornton 585 – Commander Deviss
John Quirk 5122 - TK
Frank Wileman 9156 - TK
Leslie Andrich 1463 – Sith Shade Verago
Beth Johnson 5852 – Snowbunny Padme
Sara Caldwell 3881 – Admiral Daala
Kevin (?) - TK
Chris (?) - Vader

Rebel Legion:
Beret Balestrieri Kohn – Hoth Leia
Deidra Culp – Episode III Padme
Alan (lukewan) and daughter – Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Padawan

Family and Friends:
Jody, Megan, and Matthew Patterson - banners
Carrie - banners
Bob Kohn - banners

R2 Builders:
Craig Smith

Thank you everyone for coming out and making such a strong showing. Hopefully this is something we can make an annual tradition.

Also, a big thank you to Craig and Lisa of Neptune Comics for giving us another opportunity to troop with you. Much thanks to Brian for his efforts with the Star Wars holiday float as well.

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Post by JohnQTK5122 »

Here's a link to a video my brother-in-law shot and put together:

John Q.
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Post by TKvanB »

Awesome report! I can't wait until next week when I can see that video you posted :D
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Post by FrankTK9156 »

Great Video! Thanks!

It was cold but was a great time - we got quite the reaction from the crowd!!

I love this!!!

Nice meeting some of you!!

Frank TK-9156


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