IL-Chgo-Opening of SW:Where Science Meets Imagination 10/5

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IL-Chgo-Opening of SW:Where Science Meets Imagination 10/5

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It finally arrived! The traveling exhibit of "Star Wars-Where Science Meets Imagination" blew into the Windy City on Friday, October 5, 2007.

Though not as big a celebration as other cities, the members of the Midwest Garrison with help from the Midwest Base of the Rebel Legion and the Midwest Order of The Jedi Assembly, heralded the arrival of the exhibit to Chicago.

Members began to arrive around 8:30 AM, checked in through security and were escorted to the Columbian Room by our hard working MSI employee Lady. The room was buzzing as we all struggled into our costumes and found ourselves to be finishing up just as 10:00 AM rolled around. I do regret not getting a group photo of everyone before we went down to the Great Hall. We managed to get a group shot as we left the Great Hall but many of our members were already out of their costumes. This was certainly understandable as some of our members had truly constraining or extremely warm costumes and could only handle the extremes of their costumes for so long.

As always, the response from the patrons coming to the Museum was gratifying. The surprise and delight from young and old when they see us in our "uniforms" is something that I never tire of. There were lots of requests for photos and the kids are always so much fun to watch as they react to our characters.

We finished up at 1:00 PM and made our way back to the Columbian Room. As always, it takes us a while to get anywhere as we posed for photos and interacted all the way back to our dressing room.

We suited down and Lady provided us with some passes to the Exhibit.
Since I was wet with sweat, sticky as all get out, and way too tired from a week that was far too packed, I elected to go home after our event. I know that I will be back at the Museum for many other outings but have decided to take a vacation day off of work and enjoy the Exhibit again on a day when I am rested, not sweaty, and not in costume. I saw the exhibit when it was in Ohio and it is not to be missed! Everyone is encouraged to see it and take your time in there.

Our members did an incredible job and I thank you all for your participation, your enthusiasm, and your sweat.

SL6312 - Darth Vader - Patrick Engle
IC4050 - Imperial Crew/R2S5 - Darryl Sorensen - R2 Builders
TK3753 - Stormtrooper - Shawn Mika
BH3200 - Boba Fett - Eric Timm
SL5365 - Red Invasion Amidala - Jen Loomis - Rebel Legion
SL7956 - Anakin Skywalker - Anthony Day
DZ5591 - Gammorean Guard - Jerry Treiber
TK669 - Chewbacca - Kevin Lehning - Rebel Legion
TI3127 - Tie Pilot - Cheryl Whitaker - Rebel Legion/TJA
TK1055 - Stormtrooper - Eric Moan
TK1951 - Stormtrooper - Phyllis Schulte - Rebel Legion/TJA
TK118 - C-3PO - Tom Schaefer
TD7306 - Sandtrooper - Chris Spice
Lionel Bottari - Ben Kenobi - Rebel Legion/TJA
Dee Culp - Princess Leia - Rebel Legion
Ed Pekin - Stormtrooper - Freelance
Marlyn C - Rebel Fleet Trooper - Rebel Legion

I really have to give an extra big thanks to our guys were simply AWESOME....and are just as important as the folks in all did an amazing job!

Mike Fritz-Darth Vader's handler
Kristin Carlson - C-3PO's handler
Amanda Lehning - Chewbacca's handler
Deb Pekin - Everyone's right arm and photog

Most of our photos here are thanks to our handlers...besides helping with all forms of costume functions and malfunctions...they all had a pile of cameras on each hand.

My photos: ... /?start=20

Patrick's photos: ... 501st/MSI/

Darryl's photos: ... ?start=all

I will be sending the MSI a link to this forum since it is public so that they can look at the photos and use some of them if they would like. If you would rather your photos NOT be used...please just post that and we can pass on the information.

Gochi out...

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