IL-Yorkville-Child's 6th B-day request-9/15/07

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IL-Yorkville-Child's 6th B-day request-9/15/07

Post by Fitz6442 »

Another birthday party done. Fortunately, the parents had plenty of activities already planned for the kids. Mike and I changed in their very crowded and very messy garage. The mother explained that they hadn't completely finished moving in. Did I mention that their subdivision is so new that the streets aren't yet shown on MapQuest? I had to call Mike to get directions.

Once we got suited up, it was the typical meet and greet and pose for pictures. Then the real excitement began!

We watched the boys play games.
We watched the birthday boy open presents.
We watched the boys eat cake and ice cream.
We watched the boys play more games.
Basically, we stood there and looked pretty. Although, we did get to read some of the clues for the boys during the scavenger hunt.

Of course, there was a moment when this wasp was buzzing around. I had to keep a close eye on him. Didn't want him getting under my armor or in my helmet.

Originally, the parents were going to immediately print out their pictures for us to autograph, but their printer was broken. So they asked us to autograph some of the Darth Vader napkins instead.

Then we went back to the very crowded and very messy garage and got out of our costumes.

Nice day for troopin'. Not hot at all. :D

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Post by cplBear »

:lol: :lol: :lol: But just HOW clean was their Garage anyway ???? :lol: :lol:
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Post by SL3193 »

Well, the garage was reminiscent of a certain garbage smasher on the detention level but we were able to move enough to suit up and get the job done. A slight garage door malfunction was another hurtle to overcome which threatened the illusion of Imperial presence. All in all it was a success. I will call Abby and see about some photos she possibly could email me.. :roll:

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