07/03/16 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

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07/03/16 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

Post by TK118 »

Bartlett 4th of July Mission report - July 3rd 2016

Well, Year 14 of our participation in the Bartlett 4th of July parade is in the books.

While smaller in numbers we were this year, our presence was as large if not larger than always. This is in no small part to each and every one of those you participated.

Yes , costumed folks get the most attention and make the parade what it is… But with out all those helping out on side it couldn’t happen. Those taking photos, passing out bags of marshmallows, those filling those bags, those helping out with costume repairs during the parade, those making sure everyone had water, those who brought sound, those who brought banners and flags, those who brought tents, helped set those tents up, those shuttling…. EVERYONE!

This year we were joined by the Mando Mashups! Thanks for coming !

We had costumers from Original trilogy, prequels, Ep7 as well as Concept Vader and original concepts like Maul Trooper. And even a droid, BB-8

And the weather was great.. Not to hot, not to sunny, and no rain ! !

And now the best part….. The lions club, who puts on this parade, gave us a donation for our appearance….. This year I will be giving that donation, along with funds I have raised to St. Bauldrics when I get my annual Mohawk!
What was their donation to us.?......... $1000.00 

I have list those below who had signed in …. If you were there and didn’t sign in, message me and I will add you to the list.

Thank you again everyone for making this a great event and PLEASE PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING NEXT YEAR! It will be out 15th consecutive year in the parade and want to make us the largest part of it.! I will have a exclusive item that I will be giving away ONLY to those who participate in our appearance next year! !

Tom Schaefer
Cathy Schaefer
Liz Tomczak
Austin Schaefer
Michael Martenez
Joey? Bloodstipes
Brian Troyan
Steve Gaza
Destiny Froste
Mike Olson
Eric Warner
Aimee Jorgensen
Damian Jorgensen
Ally Jorgensen
Gabby Jorgensen
Kevin Glass
Steve Jackson
Even McLaughlin
Phil Cline
Patty Cline
Kevin Skiera
Phyllis Schulte
Kim McCaffrey
Joe Biprek
Kim Worley
Hawk Worley
Faith Worley
Josh Robertson
Marc Znchackzi ?
Jeff Baron
Jim DeJan
Emily DeJan
Sam Robinson
Brad Hanstock
Sanlna Almazan
Eugene Almazan
Alex Almazan
Sean Cho
Mike Stouchton
Jason Stoxen
Jim Lawver
Josh Smith
Alexandra Lee
Jeff Lee
James Tampa
Ted Ruler
Dawn Ruler
Jason Matlok
Sean Hynes
Alphie Jimeapl
Blair Dougless
Mark Bear
Whitney Wickham
Neil Auer
Mike Dickinson
Heather Dickinson
Chris Kowalski
Robert Redden
Steve Mammen
Rob Graham
Megan Murray
Ryan Murray
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Re: 07/03/16 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

Post by RedMask »

I was there too!

Rob Graham
Stay Super, Stormtrooper!
- Lord Vader

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Re: 07/03/16 Sun - Barttlett 4th of July Parade- Bartlett IL

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. If I missed anyone, please let me know and I'll get you updated. Also, I did not add what costume was worn to a lot of you since I know you have multiples. If you want it added, let me know. Great job everyone and next year I will be there!! :thumbs:

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