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10/4- Ron Santos Walk to Cure Diabetes

Postby PQ Higgins » Tue Oct 20, 2009 11:04 pm

Better late than never...

Well, it was a slightly chilly, and most definitely muddy morning in Orland Park for our first appearance at a JDRF sponsored walk, and needless to say, even despite the weather and the mud, we were a hit. The kids loved us, and even quite a few of the older "kids" as well.

Most of us did a large portion of the walk, while some of the less mobile of us stayed behind to cheer on the walkers as they set out from the starting line.

Very special thanks to everyone who attended. Our contact Donna said that she will definitely have us back next year, and if they have any other event where they could use us that they would be in touch.

Fantastic job all!

Some pics from Phyllis:

Attending were:
TB-0101 Aimee Jorgenson
DZ-0523 Barry Benecke
IG-1739 Brad Riverdahl
TK-1819 Eric Scheuermann
TK-1951 Phyllis Schulte
TK-3052 Steve Szyndrowski
TB-3127 Cheryl Whitaker
CC-3166 Joe Rivera
TB-7230 Rob Miller
TX-3697 Patrick Higgins
and our ever present rebel support Crix! (seriously dude, we have cookies, join us)

Thanks again!
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