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501st Wedding Mequon WI - 7/18/09

Postby JediRacer8 » Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:35 pm

On Saturday, July 28, Phil TC-2720 and myself were honored to have members of the 501st and Rebel Legion troop our wedding reception.

The troopers gathered in civilian garb for the church service...but we inserted the correct amount of SW into the service by including "Across the Stars" as the bridesmaid's march, and a compilation of the traditional Mendelssohn Wedding March and the Throne Room from Ep IV served as our processional out of the church ;)

Our guests were treated to the sight of Grunt in his formal TK livery on their way out of the church. Jerry was kind enough to act as our Imperial Chauffeur to the reception hall with his awesome SW-themed truck. He even had Death Star ball-n-chains for us to wear.

After dinner, the troopers suited up for the dance. I've been told by numerous wedding guests that our Grand March was easily the coolest one they have ever seen - thanks to the troops. As the Imperial March Rage Mix blared through the speakers, the troopers entered the dance hall and formed an aisle down which the wedding party members walked as they were announced by the DJ. The troopers then joined in for the next slow dance, and it was a sight I will never forget...seeing my new mother-in-law, niece, aunt, etc., taking their turns slow dancing with troopers. The rest of the night was a crazy mix of troopers and other friends electric sliding, Humpty dancing, chicken dancing, Night at the Roxbury, Michael Jackson moves, and other stuff that they probably don't want me to remind them of ;) I did notice that our DJ, Zak, registered for the MWG board a few days after the wedding...he's been at SDCC so I don't think he has posted yet.

Our friends and family have been raving about the dance, and we owe you all a huge amount of thanks for making this happen. It's wonderful to have friends like all of you who are willing to give their time for fellow troopers in this manner :)

As a thank you for all of your help, we will be making a donation to Make-A-Wish in the name of the 501st Midwest Garrison and Rebel Legion Midwest Base.

Event Planning topic with pics: ... sc&start=0

Troopers participating:
Bob 1656
Cheryl 3127
River 3166
Jerry 0084
Andrew 4724
Geoff 4813
Kevin 6628
Alan (RL lightsaber support)

Other 501 / RL members in attendance:
Beth 5852 (maid of honor)
Beret 7361 (matron of honor)
Bob "SoloYT1300" (usher)
Trent 585 (photographer)
Jerry 5591 (Imperial transport)
Keri 6629
Bob 549
Leslie 1463
Chris 8251

...and I think that is everyone
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