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IL - Normal - ISU Cinema Exhibition Opening - 4/20/10

Postby BDA TK7503 » Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:52 pm

The MidWest Garrison was invted by Derek Clem to his art exhibit opening at ISU.

Derek Clem For this Thesis Exhibition of artwork based on popular cinema, all guests have been invited to dress up as movie characters or wear clothing/T-shirts with graphics from popular movies. so it is possible there will be more movies represented as well. If we are lucky it will have the atmosphere of a mini ComicCon! ...only in the Midwest.

The title of the exhibition is "Always Watching"

The place was packed elbow to elbow when we arrived the room was electrified with excitement. We stayed for pictures with the fans and admired the art work. Several of the guests also came in costume.

In attendance
Jeremy Wilcox TK7503 ***Stormtrooper
Chip Childress TK9965 ***Vader
Ryan Summers TK2429*** Stormtrooper
Tom Durbin TK9293***Stormtrooper
James Noland IC7696*** Imperial Gunner
Kyle Dorethy TI4982*** Tie Fighter Pilot

Liz Noland***Imperial Photographer / handler

Pictures of the event CLICK HERE

Thanks to all who could make it out sorry for the late report.
Jeremy TK7503


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