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IL-Oakbrook DK/Borders Nov 6

Postby Remo » Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:16 am

This event was by DK books.
"called “Star Wars in Your Stocking”. We’ll be celebrating the launch of the Star Wars Year by Year and the Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia."

The members that day were
Remo Mike
ID3052 Steve
353943 Ted
with our handler and photog, Ashly.

With this event we had Darth Vader, a stormtrroper and a TIE pilot.
We helped pull raffle tickets out for the prizes, took pictures with and signed autographs for the families that came.
After the raffle we wandered the store, where I often stood behind a customer and asked if I could help them find something. The look of suprise is always fun.
We also hung out both outside to wave to people, and stood at the front where many people coming in thought we were statues.

It was a nice event and I am always happy to help out DK because of all they do to get books in kids hands.

I will get pics up as soon as my new PC is up and running.

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