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Event report for Peru Illinois Kids Health Day

Postby SHortTrooper » Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:24 am

The day was clear at first but became cloudy twords the end of the Kids Health and Safety Day in Peru Illinois.

I got there a little late but two Troopers were there before me and and I could see Storm trooper Moocizzle dancing to the music from the DJ that had set up out there!

Kids were all over the place with thier parents and were having a good time...Every once in a while kids could be heard yelling "DAD! Look, there's Darth Vader!!!" ... 4298972/#/

I got a quick pic of the Darth Vader and Storm Trooper out side the HAAS Dentist office....Dr. Haas was doing free dental exams for kids who may not be able to afford it. ... otostream/

Booths were set up all over and parents and kids were getting registered in Mertes/Pillar Chiropractic office. Dr. Pillar, Dr. MErtes , Dr. Hass of the Dentist office , All About Eyes Optical , and Newsom Physical Therapy organize this event every year and last year 1000 people came to it, and 700 of them were kids. ... otostream/

there were also a fire Truck Safety House for kids to learn how to get out of a burning house safely...Illinois State and Peru Police Dept Doing DNA and finger printing kits for parents take for free so if God forbid a child is missing they can use the resource for specific information on that child....Mertes And Pillar Chiropractic was doing the registrations and getting new patients signed up with free consultations and exams.

Illinois Valley Animal Rescue was there and had some pups and dogs for adoption....there was also nutrition information booths, balloon shapes, face painting, tattoos, popcorn, plus hot dogs for lunch and all kinds of stuff.. all for free!!!

Darth Vader and the Stormtrooper saw plenty of action and the tiniest of fans wanted a picture taken..... ... otostream/

This youngling had a white lightsaber made from a balloon!!! ... otostream/

It didn't begin to rain until later in the afternoon and things had begun to wind down and all in all it was a great day!

Unfortuanly my armor I had brought with me had technical and I was having some muscle I couldn't do it as my Dr was there andhe told menot to do it unless I wanted to give it a try....I did and I couldn't wear the armor.....:(

BUT !!! I did get some pictures before the camera batteries decided to die on me..the best picture that I missed getting was this 1 year old little boy that Storm Trooper George had given him his blaster... The little boy must of been only maybe two feet tall, but he held it up like he was going to shoot and we cracked up as he had the blaster backwards...he was holding it under his left arm pit and was just holding it up like he was going to squeeze the trigger.... :D

Both of these guys did a great job in thier costumes and a lot of people were impressed!

Thank you to Mike Olson as Darth Vader (SL 3193 on the board here)

And thank you to George as the STormTrooper (Moocizzle onthe board here)( I Forgot your last name!! I"m sorry!!)

Diana (ShortTrooper )
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