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WGN Morning Show Wizard World Promos - 8/20/10

Postby Whinter » Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:04 pm

Mission Report (Double) – WGN Morning Show (via WGN Studios and Wizard World)

Event Coordinator: Cheryl Whitaker (TI/TB-3127)

Date of Event(s): Friday - August 20, 2010 (7AM – 9AM)

Event(s): Wizard World/Chicago Comic-Con Promos

This time the 501st split up to do the WGN Morning Show from 2 angles.

Mike Plesha was asked to come out to WGN Studios to be Darth Vader for their Morning Show to help promote Wizard World and to play “Know Your Sci-Fi” alongside Adrianne Curry. We added a few more Star Wars characters to the Team by bringing in Brian Troyan (Stormtrooper) and Chris Schwarz (Biker Scout). They played against a team of Wizard World-bound Superheroes. The outcome… Oh yeah! We won!

Another group of troopers was asked by Public Relations at Wizard World to come out to be a part of the WGN Morning Show at the actual convention hall in Rosemont to help promote the Con and to be background for a couple of interviews. We did several 45-second promos with WGN Morning Show Reporter, Ana Belaval, including a Johnny Lighting die cast car race, a few background shots for interviews with Lorenzo Lamas & Ernest Thomas, and a short interview about the 501st group and their costumes.

WGN Morning Show (WGN Studios)
Brian Troyan (TK8968)
Chris Schwarz (TB9442)
Mike Plesha

WGN Morning Show (Rosemont)
Aimee Jorgensen (TB0101) - Scout
Patrick Higgins (TX3697) – Shadow Trooper
Rudy Grasha (BH3620) – Boba Fett
John Fitzsimmons (TK6442) – Stormtrooper
Joe Rivera (CC-3166) – Captain Rex
Steve Szyndrowski (ID3052) – Imperial Officer
Cheryl Whitaker (TB3127) – Scout

Thanks to Brandon Grasha and Ashley McClintock for their help with everything and taking lots of great photos!

Brandon’s Photos: ... ?start=all
Photos from Whinter’s Camera: ... 0on%20WGN/
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Postby TI4438 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:13 am

No video links?
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