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IL- Bartlettt 4th of July Parade July 3rd 2010 w VIDEO

Postby TK118 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:25 am

Bartlett Parade Mission Report – July 3rd 2010

Watch videos here ...

This was the 8th consecutive year we have done this parade and as in years past has grown and gotten more fun.
Doumak Inc once again donated over 2500 bags of marshmallows for us to pass out, Thanks to Jim DeJan we once again had the Death Star and trailer with a ned banner on back “TOO BIG TO FAIL” LOL

This year seemed to go a bit smoother as everyone got back to start in time.. BAIRLY, and while Hot, it seemed a bit more tolerable than past years. And just to clarify, The parade is about 2 miles long 

We have SOOO many costumes! Troopers Bikers, Tuskens, Ties, Rebels FANTASTIC turn out. If the could is right, I believe we have OVER 50 costumers there, Not sure what count was for total attending counting family friends and so on. We had 501st members from WI, Iowa, IL and IN attend! FANTASTIC!

We did run out of marshmallows about ¾ way through, but was better than last year when we ran out about ½ way.

The only Bad thing to happen was Jason 's wife Tara had a case of heat stroke and was taken to hospital. She was OK after cooling off and resting.

After the parade we gathered for a “photo” by our tents.. But this was a set up. As this year we had a very special event happen as one of our own, River, Proposed to his Girl Friend Ali.  Congrats !
A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped make this one of the biggest and best MWG events.

Special Thanks to Phyllis for all her help and driving, Targ for the Death Star and Trailer, Greg for Sound System, Robert for cooking, Jason for Grill, tent and other items, Doumak for the treats, Cathy for photos, and all the other running around and help she did, OMG so many people to thank for so many things. If I have missed you its not because I ment to leave you out.. Its just there was so much going on I couldn’t keep up with it all.

I’m sure I will be going back and updating this report for months adding to it.

Thanks to Ali for helping get a sign in sheet going. So hear is who signed it. If you aren’t on this list, Just post and we will add you

Steve S - 3052
Tom S - 118
George N – 4283
Cathy T
Jessica H
Matt M - 8148
Robert H. – 8310
Kyle D
Rudy G – 3620
Brandon G
Joe R – 3166
Raquel R.
Chris S. – 9442
Auggie W – 9397
Kim W
Andrew C – 4724
Brian T – 8968
Quincy N – 9988
Jonh H. – 9724
John J – 9892
Ed S – 4544
Vicky S – 7118
Eric P
Tom T – 4913
Jim N – 8114
Alyssa P
Ashley S
Austin S
Darcy J
Gabby J
Sage S
Tom R – 2235
Karia M
Sean B – 7664
Gabe B
Alejandra L
Collin M
Jody M – 6443
Jim T – 1020
Jeffery W
John F – 6442
Joe F – 1296
Scott G – 6773
James N – 7696
Phylis – 1951
Mark B – 4265
Lizzy N
Jim D – 3853
Aimee J – 101
Greg F – 7748
Andrew M – 2079
Gordon M
Ed K – 4138
Cherri K – 4026
Bob M
Cheryl W – 3127
Allison J
Neil A – 3446
Jeff B – 9131
Jason P – 1719
Darryl S – 4050
Patrick – 3697
Rich M – 1781
Kevin S
Robb R – 321
Mike B – 7155
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Postby Zombie_Bunny » Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:20 am

Some of the people on the list don't have numbers. Does this mean the list is everyone? Or just members?? I was there, and I should get a medal since the parade was 2 miles, but I'm pretty sure I ran 5. LOL!!

It was a fantastic time, and a HUGE turnout! I've spent hours trying to tag the TKs on my facebook.
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Postby TK118 » Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:50 am

Videos can be seen here ...
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