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IL - Chicago - "All Childish Things" Opening Night -11/12/11

Postby Fleetfang » Wed Nov 23, 2011 5:36 pm

On November 12th, TK-8968 was deployed to the Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago's Lincoln Park. There, Hubris Productions was staging the play "All Childish Things" by Honorary Member of the 501st, Joseph Zettelmaier. Imperial support was needed!

I arrived early and was directed to the actor's dressing room. They were on stage running lines and blocking on preparation for the show, due to go up in about 90 minutes. I suited up carefully and quietly so as not to disturb them. When a stormtrooper emerged out into the lobby, the theater staff took note. But when the stage manager rushed into the theater to tell the cast, all hell broke loose. I was all but mobbed. Kim Boler, who plays Kendra in the show, started jumping up and down and squealing with excitement! They had to get back to work, though, and I set myself up out on the street, welcoming audience members and passing out cards advertising the show's upcoming run.
Many pictures were taken outside, and more as I milled about the lobby. The cast asked me to join them on the stage before the house opened for a private photo session with the stormtrooper. I was honored to oblige.

Joe Zettelmaier, the author of the play, arrived shortly before the show began. He was cool enough to take some pics with me as well, though I don't think that I got any of them. (Darn you, TK armor, and your lack of pockets!) like the cast and crew, Joe was very enthusiastic about my being there, and he expressed a real appreciation for how good the 501st has always been to him. Also during my time mingling in the lobby, by pure chance, I ran into three separate people that I know. Ironically, only one of the three was there to see "All Childish Things." The encounters were both strange and awesome.

I was invited to stay to watch the show, but since I'd been up early for the Parade School at MSI and had taken a train out to Winnetka and back and gone straight from one troop to the next that day, I was beat. I suited down quietly backstage as the first Act began, packed up my tote, and finally headed home. Another successful mission accomplished.

The Marquee:

Meeting the cast... they were full of awe and child-like wonder at seeing a real suit of stormtrooper armor.

The girl playing "Kendra" in the play didn't even try to hide the fact that she was checking out my codpiece and my butt plate.

Buckets on:

Buckets off!

What can I say? Gals love a guy in uniform!

Photos uploaded to Midwest Garrison Photobucket: ... g%20Night/
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Re: IL - Chicago - "All Childish Things" Opening Night -11/1

Postby Whinter » Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:06 pm

:D Love the pics!!! :thumbs:
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