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IL - Geneva - Kane County Cougars SW Night 9/3/11

Postby Arcturus1020 » Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:27 am

It was a really nice and cool day for this troop with the Midwest Garrison — the weather was partly sunny and in the mid-70s(F). We got suited up and ready to head out onto the concourse to pose for photos with hundreds of families dressed as various Star Wars characters for the 2nd annual Star Wars Night at Elfstrom Stadium in Geneva, IL with the Kansas City minor ball club, the Kane County Cougars. We started at 4:45PM and were supposed to finish up at 5:15 so the kids parade on the field could commence at 5:30, which got pushed up to 5:20 because there was rain headed our way. The parade went on (for what seemed like a good hour), and then the rain reared its ugly head and lasted for a little over 2 hours. We used that time to troop the many skyboxes and pose for a lot more photos. In short, it was a really great time and the fans just absolutely LOVED all the characters!

Trooping members:
TK1055 - Erik Moan
TB101 - Aimee Jorgensen
TK3446 - Neil Auer
TI7748 - Greg Fischer
TK9039 - Dan Moriarity
TB8968 - Brian Troyan
TB3127 - Cheryl Whitaker (Jedi)
MWG Photographer: Joe Rivera

Photos below by Erik Moan
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Re: IL - Geneva - Kane County Cougars SW Night 9/3/11

Postby crix » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:36 am

added to TOD
let me know if I missed you
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