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IL-Arlington Heights/60004-Transplant Send Off-SAT 5/5/1

Postby beans » Mon May 28, 2012 9:24 pm

On May 5th, rebels and imperials united together to attend the party of a very brave youngling named Connor. Connor is a 7 year old star wars fan preparing to go in for a bone marrow transplant to hopefully cure a rare immunodeficiency that makes it hard for the body to fight off infection. His mother contacted the 501st and Rebel Legion for an appearance at a party planned for Connor the weekend before his transplant treatment begins.

The party was a blast! It was held in a banquet hall, where the kids went through lightsaber training and had lunch for the first hour of the party. Then the lights were dimmed and the Star Wars theme song came on. The 501st and RL members made their grand entrance and received one of the best receptions I've ever heard! It took several minutes for the excitement to calm down, and the kids started to approach and interact with the characters. There were 2 rounds of games, including thermal detonator target training, blaster training, pin the tail on the wampa, and hot thermal detonator. We took a group picture with all the attendees, signed autographs, answered lots of questions about the star wars universe, and then were on our way so the kids could enjoy some ice cream sundaes.

Overall we had a great time, the kids were so well behaved and the parents could not have been more hospitable! They were so enthusiastic and grateful, and provided us with a nice changing space, jimmy john's sandwiches and water, and also made a very generous $300 donation to the MWG Autism Speaks team.

The force is strong with Connor as he begins his treatment. You can follow his progress at:
Also, please consider becoming a member of the bone marrow registry. Connor had to wait years before he found his match, and thousands are still waiting.

We received the following from Connor's mom:
I seriously cannot thank you all enough for coming to make his party so special and unforgettable. All the kids were still talking about how awesome it was at the block party. I haven't had the chance to upload the pictures yet but I will definitely send some to you and will also try to find a way to send the video of your entrance either on youtube or on our blog. It was just hilarious.
Ok, the Connor is waking up now so will write more later. But just really wanted to give you a heartfelt thanks! It must be so fun for you to do this and so rewarding too.

and they also posted on their facebook blog:
Sue and I are also indebted to the 501st Legion for volunteering their time and energy to come as fully robed Star Wars characters. They would not accept our money and instead asked that we donate to Autism Speaks and Make a Wish. Very refreshing to see that there are plenty of great people out there. Thanks everyone!

Thank you so much to the troops who signed up to make this such a special day for Connor!!!!
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Special thank you to Brian Troyan for loaning us his nerf gun and targets, and to Dan Moriarty for loaning his nerf gun as well! Also thank you Cheryl for bringing and running the hot thermal detonator game!

A few more: ... 20Meadows/

Connor's mother said she will send us additional pictures, but understandably they have a lot going on right now. I'll update once she has a chance to send some additional pictures.
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Re: IL-Arlington Heights/60004-Transplant Send Off-SAT 5/5/1

Postby Schph Gochi » Wed May 30, 2012 4:16 am

This was soooo awesome, I wish I could have attended!

Such a great effort by all!

Added to charity report and charity blog....
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