IL - Joliet/60432 - Slammers Star Wars Night - Tues 6/4/2013

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IL - Joliet/60432 - Slammers Star Wars Night - Tues 6/4/2013

Post by woulf »

June 4th, 2013
Slammer's Star Wars night
Joliet, IL

We were asked by the Joliet Slammers to take place in their Star Wars night event where they were celebrating the 30th anniversary of ROTJ. We were given a fantastic room to change and set up. We suited up and greeted the fans as the gates opened. Vader was held back until time for him to throw out the first pitch. Once the opening ceremonies were finished, the umpires took the field followed by the TKs as the Imperial March was played threw the stadium. Once the game got under way, we hung out around the concourse taking photos and inner acting with the families and fans. Although the ballpark staff themselves seemed a little unprepared for what they wanted us to do, and a light crowd, we all pretty much had a good time. One of the families from the special needs kids who we visited playing ball for the joliet library troop was there, and was extremely excited to see us again.
The Ballpark was generous enough to allow my friend Dan Siemek from Bugs Pals to set up a donation station up on the concourse. We put Artoo to work, and station him right next to the table as Dan and his daughter Emily handed out fliers for the upcoming Hope hospital event, and took donations. After it was all said and done, we raised $153 to buy books for the children :thumbs:
After the 4th inning we went back to our changing room and suited down for the evening.

A big thanks to everyone who could make it out for this event. With it being a Tuesday night, and 3 days after the joliet library, it was really great to have so many of my extended family come out and help. the added bonus of the significant donations we raised was simply awesome

Steve M, 7345, TK EC
Steve S, 3052, Vader
Matt M, 8148, TK
Phyllis S, 1951, RFT rebel
Tom D, 9293, TX magma
Jessica H, 8238, TB
Tom Crix T, 4913, TK
Also in attendence:
Erik Thompson, imperial recruit, Moff tarkin
Tara T, Nar Shaddaa Base, RFT rebel
Artoo Gochi, Astromech, rebel
And Crix's boys Luke and Jake, Jawa and Jedi.

Hours: 3 x 12 = 36 hours

Charity totals, $153 for Bugs Pals Hope Children's Hospital book drive


link to more pics... ... -%20Joliet

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Re: IL - Joliet/60432 - Slammers Star Wars Night - Tues 6/4/

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Nicely done as always...
sending to the Charity blog and adding to the garrison charity totals!


are we done with the city Joliet this month?


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Re: IL - Joliet/60432 - Slammers Star Wars Night - Tues 6/4/

Post by Runnin'6712 »

ToD updated. Great Job on getting donations for the purchase of childrens books!! :thumbs:

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