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07/22/2017 SAT - Fire Up A Cure - Chicago 60655

Postby Avatar190 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:18 pm

Date: 2017 July 22
Event Name: Fire Up A Cure
Venue: Saint Xavier University
Venue address: 3700 W 103rd St., Chicago, IL 60655
Donation/Money Raised: $55,000 indirect
Persons in attendance: 1500

Total hours trooped: 75.75
Troopers involved: 17

* 07/22/17 IL Chicago – Fire Up A Cure 2017

    Ray Bosques (RexFett) BH-3499 / Booth/Handler
    Vince Baena (VB376) TB-7596 / Biker Scout
    Blair Douglass (LadySolo14) ID-12266 / Princess Leia
    Chris Buetsch (Toolguy301) BH-21273 / Boba Fett: ROTJ
    Jack Simonds (Jacknife91) TK-26991 / Stormtrooper
    Rob Graham (RedMask) TK-33050 / Stormtrooper
    TJ Wonogas (TacoSunday) TI-33431 / TIE Pilot: Reserve
    Ted Ruler (Rulermaul) TI-36288 / TIE Pilot: ANH/Photo
    Greg Howard (Bloodhound) CC-40782 / Commander Wolffe (Season 2)
    Todd Roesner (Toddahhhh) TK-60151 / Stormtrooper
    Mike Dickinson (Avatar190) [EvCo] TI-66598 / TIE Pilot: ANH
    Heather Dickinson (Faylyn) TI-66599 / TIE Pilot: ANH
    Jen Ward (JWard) TK-70305 / Stormtrooper
    Chris Ward (Cward) TK-81477 / Stormtrooper
    Peter Marciano (Marciano117) CT-82295 / Clone Trooper (ROTS) (Phase 2): 501st Battalion
    Kelly Baldridge - Handler
    Rachel Ornstein - Handler
    Shirley Popowniak - Booth/Handler

Comments: This year’s Fire Up A Cure event went much better, with more time to prepare. I’ve kept in contact with the event organizers over the past year, and we were able to secure a much larger space this year, and did not have to share it with any other groups. We ran a three section booth this year. A standard table, with props, to talk with folks about the 501st and the Galactic Academy. We did a photo backdrop, and we also set up a target practice booth with two Nerf guns. Had we had the personnel, we would have converted that to a Blast-A-Trooper booth, something to consider next year.

Trooper turnout was superb once again, and the FUAC staff was more than pleased with our presence there. We also impressed Natalie Bomke from Fox News, who was emcee of the event, once again. This year attending troopers earned a Fire Up A Cure patch, which I designed and had printed up. I also retro’d last years crew a patch as well. We’re considering doing a “Supporter” version of the patch, and doing a direct fundraiser portion for the event.

The Cure It Foundation is more than anxious to have us return for next year’s event. They will be contacting me with the date once it is set. Great troop, well done everyone!

Picture from the troop:
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Re: 07/22/2017 SAT - Fire Up A Cure - Chicago 60655

Postby Runnin'6712 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:31 pm

ToD updated. Great job! :thumbs:
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