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Important Charity reporting in Mission Report updates

Postby Schph Gochi » Fri Feb 10, 2012 5:19 am

With completely new format for reporting charity donations starting in 2012 your mission reports become more important than ever in the ability for Charity Reps to record donations.

The spreadsheet used in prior years was more generic in nature and all information was not needed in order to record donations received. That has all changed, if all information fields are not filled out, the donation can not be recorded accurately nor will the on-line form accept blank fields.

So, for all of those posting a Mission Report that involved ANY donation to charity including monetary donations, food, toys, blood drives etc, we will the most accurate information you can gather.

Information needed:

Event name
Event date
Event location
Summary of event
# of Troops in attendance
Duration of event in hours
Money collected = direct funds
or goods collected - toys, canned goods, blood
Indirect funds:
Did the charitible organization get in touch with the MWG for an appearance? If so, then any $$ raised by the event counts as indirect funds.

Example, members of the MWG have been asked every year to appear at the New Lenox Relay For Life - we are advertised as attending every year so total $$ raised by the New Lenox RFL become indirect funds.

Also, we now have the ability to post a photo directly into the charity report, so please pick out your favorite photo and post that one first.
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