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09/08/19 SUN - Misericordia 39th Family Fest - Chicago

Postby River » Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:16 am

Event: Misericordia 39th Family Fun Fest - Chicago
Date: Sunday, September 9th 2019
Venue: Misericordia Heart of Mercy
Address: 6300 N. Ridge Ave (at Devon in Chicago)
Hours Volunteered: 4
Troopers at Hand:
- Gemma Billings - SL-23622 - Darth Nihlus
- Marc Wasserman - BH-99500 - Mando
- Isabella Wong - TK-10232 - Costume Support/Photog
- Derrick Billings (Grimwalker) Jedi
- Todd Roesner - TI-60151 - Tie Fighter
- Sam Nirva - TK-67013 - Stormtrooper
- Joe Rivera (River) - CC-3166 - Resistance Pilot
- Sharon Nirvasteele - TK-20117 - Stormtrooper
- Chris Buetsch - BH-21273 - Boba Fett
- Steve Jackson - SL-11238 - Count Dooku
- Rudy Grasha - TK-3620 - First Order Executioner
- Kevin Glass - TK-2834 - Stormtrooper
- Blair Douglass - RL - Mandalorian
- Kathy Grasha - Trooper Support
- Rob Graham - TB-33050 - Biker Scout

Once again the Midwest Garrison was asked to attend the Misericordia Family Fun Fest! Thousands of adults and children came to this amazing event. It was quite large and we all had a chance to mingle with everyone in attendance.
This year was a bit more challenging as the rains kept threatening the continuation of the event. But we mustered on and trooped it out in the rain.
I'm real proud of what we accomplished on this day. Each trooper really deserves a special nod for sticking it out as long as they did! I think people tend to forget that we do this voluntarily with no compensation. I feel strongly that other people who aren't 501st, may not have done what these men and women did, for nothing.

I applaud each of these troopers for a job well done! Thank you ALL for bringing many laughs, hugs, and 'facebook pictures' to sooo many people.

Till next year gang!

TROOP! For a cause. What do YOU troop for?
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Re: 09/08/19 SUN - Misericordia 39th Family Fest - Chicago

Postby Runnin'6712 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:51 pm

ToD updated. Awesome job! :thumbs:
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