Upcoming Events
Fri., 4/28: Visit to Child Life unit of Advocate Children's Hospital (Park Ridge, IL)
This is the second visit of the new year to Advocate Children's Hospital in Park Ridge.

Sat., 4/29: Joliet Museum Scavenger Hunt (Joliet, IL)
The Joliet Area Historical Museum is hosting for its third year The Scavenger Hunt Game FREE day. This is our kick off to the big Joliet Library Star Wars Day Event.

Thu., 5/4: Library MTFBWY SW Day (Cherry Valley, IL)
This has been a fun event the last 2 years & has been a lot of fun.

Sat., 5/6: Miller Park Zoo SW Day (Bloomington, IL)
Follow the link for more information

Sat., 5/13: St. Jude Fundraiser (Washington, IL)
Follow the link for more information

5/17: Walk MS 2017 (St Charles, IL)

5/20: Comic & Toy Expo (Salem, IL)

5/20: Naperville Great Strides (Naperville, IL)

5/25: Children's Hospital of Illinois visit #3 (Peoria, IL)

6/3: Joliet Library Star Wars Day (8) (Joliet, IL)

Legion News
501st Legion 2016 Charity Report!
https://www.501st.com/charity/charitypromo2016sq.jpg The 501st Legion is also known as the "Bad Guys Doing Good," and our passion for charity in our communities continues to grow! In 2016, we saw a 50% increase in direct...

Celebrating Star Wars in Orlando
https://www.501st.com/celebration/Star-Wars-Celebration-Death-Star.jpg It?s the 20th Anniversary of the 501st Legion, and we?re inviting fellow fans to celebrate with us as Star Wars Celebration returns to Orlando, Florida! From...

Troopers That Go the Extra Parsec
Today, I would like to honor eight 501st Legion members from around the world for their great deeds. In 2016, the 501st Legion set up an endowment with both Make-A-Wish America and Make-A-Wish International - the first endowment to bridge both...

Carrie Fisher 1956 - 2016
The 501st Legion honors actress, author, and Honorary Member, Carrie Fisher. Carrie was a friend and hero to the 501st, sharing her famous wit and charm with our members countless times over the years. Carrie's untimely departure was a blow to the...

"Never Tell Her The Odds"
Kathlyn Chassey is a 24-year-old Star Wars fan battling Cystic Fibrosis, a life-threatening lung disease. Her condition has progressed to the point where she will not survive without a lung transplant. After being initially denied her life-saving...

A Fine Start
If you?re reading this, we probably owe you a lot of thanks. Over the past six weeks we have promoted our first public t-shirt sale in support of Make-A-Wish, and we have been continually shocked, humbled, and overwhelmed with the show of support...

501st Make-A-Wish T-Shirt Fundraiser Begins
The 501st is breaking new ground to support the 501st Legion Make-A?Wish Endowment Fund. To raise funds for Make-A-Wish, we have opened our t-shirt sales to the public for the first time. Now you can show your support for Make-A-Wish by buying your...

Introducing The 501st Legion Make-A-Wish Endowment Fund
The 501st Legion announces today our commitment to a first-of-its kind international endowment in a unique partnership with Make?A?Wish: The 501st Legion Make-A?Wish Endowment Fund. This endowment fund intends to empower Make-A-Wish to grant...

Walk This Way
A newly-formed 501st Legion squad has been deployed in the Louisville, KY area just in time for this weekend?s FandomFest . Derby City Squad has hit the ground running on their debut event and rolled out a completed AT-ST walker, affectionately...

A Busy Weekend
-- Incoming Transmission from 501st Legion New England Garrison: Wow! Talk about a busy weekend! The New England Garrison, which represents the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island is coming off what may have been...

Neighboring Units
Wisconsin Garrison

Bloodfin Garrison

Midsouth Garrison
Kentucky & Tennessee

Central Garrison
N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Minnesota, & Iowa

70th Explorers Garrison
Kansas & Missouri

Northern Darkness Garrison
Northern 22 counties of Indiana

Nar Shadaa Base
Rebel Legion - Wisconsin & Illinois

About the MWG
The Midwest Garrison is the Illinois chapter of The 501st Legion, a Star Wars Imperial costuming club. The 501st is dedicated to the movie-quality costumes of the "villains" of the Star Wars universe.

The MWG provides a means for Star Wars fans to meet and network with each other to engage in the hobby of building and improving Imperial costumes from the Star Wars movies. All of our costumes are scratch-built or "fan-made," whether through the arduous process of building molds and vacuum-forming, or assembling costumes from found objects.

The majority of our costumes are not available through retail channels. LucasFilms, Ltd. prohibits any mass sales from unlicensed vendors. To become a member of the 501st Legion, one must build and own a costume of the highest quality and as close to appearance in published Star Wars media as possible.

In addition to providing a network for fans to meet, MWG is committed to the community. We offer support at charity events, fundraisers, and social functions by appearing as film-authentic Star Wars characters. While there is no cost to engage our services, we encourage donations to charity on our behalf instead.

Some notable charities with whom we've worked include:

  • The American Cancer Society
  • Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago
  • Chicago Food Depository
  • Toys for Tots
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation

History of the MWG

The Midwest Garrison was founded in Illinois by Damian Jorgensen (TK-826), Luis Boileve (TK-604), Javier Esqueda (TK-265), Arturo Delgado (TK-412), and Michael Washko (TK-895) in the summer of 1999. Doug Fesko (TK-501), Robb Roidt (TK-321) and other members quickly joined from Michigan and Wisconsin.

By the end of 1999, the Midwest Garrison had over 25 members across its original member states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. In 2002, Indiana separated from MWG and formed the Bloodfin Garrison. Ohio followed onto their own path of independence a year later. Nevertheless, Midwest continued to grow and reached over 220 members across the three remaining states in 2005. In 2007, members in Wisconsin formally organized the Wisconsin Squad (who would later move on to become Wisconsin Garrison in 2010), and Michigan Squad moved on to become the Great Lakes Garrison.